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gameboy9's Journal

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You now read the profile of a magna cum laude graduate of Millersville University in Computer Science.

Pete loves DDR... it's currently his favorite game, but he still loves running the scoreboard, now in his twelveth year, at his alma mater (Football, Lacrosse), and a mere five miles away from there... (Basketball)

Pete has lobster as a pet... sort of. Sometimes said pet does very strange things in this LiveJournal...

Pete is a versitile programmer who learns very quickly... he's now looking to make money doing something he loves. He was once an assistant web page maintainer and a leader for two years at the MAME Action Replay Page (http://marp.retrogames.com), and is now running the Home Action Replay Page (http://www.homeactionreplay.org), which he programmed by himself in PHP. He's programmed in Visual Foxpro for two years in an employment situation, but also has knowledge in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, and PHP, amongst others. Feel free to plop a comment down if you're an employer. :)

Pete's also single... for the record, he likes hiking (provided the weather is even half decent), said DDR, arcade, console, and PC gaming, nearly any good-sounding music (except most country), and driving in a city at night. :)